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Craft Inspector problem: not - extracted


I just installed the latest version of Craft Inspector and since then it has not extracted any data. How can this problem be solved please? I need help with this and I will be very grateful if you can provide it. 

Thank you

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Hi, using Craft Inspector I keep getting this error. http/1.1 403 error, and when it does work, the only thing extracted was the listing numbers. Thanks in Advance.



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I am having the same issue...

this is all i am able to see. Very bad timing too, right in the middle of quarter 4

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mee too

Hello Team

I've recently installed Craft Inspector version and I'm facing an issue where I keep receiving a 'http/1.1 403 error.' Additionally, when it does work, it only extracts the listing numbers. I'm in need of assistance to resolve this problem and would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Thank you in advance."



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Same here, the program is not giving data and give html error

Same issue. Is there any solution yet?

I am still waiting to receive a resolution; sometimes, the software gives me more details, but I need more to work from. This issue saddens me, and I have plans to utilize it in so many ways, starting with improving my Etsy shop, and then selling spreadsheets to others—Best Laid Plans of Mice and Little Old Nae-Nae's in my case. 

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