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Script Atlas

I purchased Script Atlas yesterday and I can’t get any of the scripts to work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I put in my login and password for ChatGPT and Bing and it won’t work? Thank you

Script Atlas doesn’t save the prompt as introduced. 

PE_1 New is the new prompt. After I try to save it something must go wrong because, after I close the SA software the prompt gets reduced.

Thank you.

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I am using Script atlas but since yesterday  - it became soo slow.  It takes ages  to work with the editor.  

I took my PC today to the servicer  - thinking it was the problem.  But now I realise that its the tool I am using.

Instead of doing my tasks in an hour--- I am taking 2 or more because with every task I have to wait for each action to take effect or I continue to jamn the system.  Last week I managed to use the chatlog explorer - today I loaded it but it failed to run.   It's a promising tool but I can't use it if its at this pace.    So - if there is no solution, you might consider a Refund!

Advise plse


Hello - I do not see any reply to the problem I raised 4 days ago about script atlas.  Today the script editor is not loading at all.  It loaded earlier but when you start working it gives an error .....forgot to note the number down.  It gives an error then closes.    I have tried to close it and restart - but now you cant open a file in the editor at all.  So - I unfortunately give up on what I thought was a good tool and ask for a REFUND.

You do not seem to provide customer care service!!!!


hi scriptatlas  is not working correctly

just by starting the app , i found 30 tasks of msedgewebview2.exe  in task manager.  making the computer very slow.

i did some work then, i switched to anothe task but when i returned, it was frozen,  also all the display was frozen.  i had to kill the process alltogether.  then all my work was lost when i started it again.

need to fix this. thx

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