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Script Atlas

I purchased Script Atlas yesterday and I can’t get any of the scripts to work. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong? I put in my login and password for ChatGPT and Bing and it won’t work? Thank you

Script Atlas doesn’t save the prompt as introduced. 

PE_1 New is the new prompt. After I try to save it something must go wrong because, after I close the SA software the prompt gets reduced.

Thank you.

(226 KB)

I am using Script atlas but since yesterday  - it became soo slow.  It takes ages  to work with the editor.  

I took my PC today to the servicer  - thinking it was the problem.  But now I realise that its the tool I am using.

Instead of doing my tasks in an hour--- I am taking 2 or more because with every task I have to wait for each action to take effect or I continue to jamn the system.  Last week I managed to use the chatlog explorer - today I loaded it but it failed to run.   It's a promising tool but I can't use it if its at this pace.    So - if there is no solution, you might consider a Refund!

Advise plse


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