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Tube Atlas - Shorts Filter on Video Analysis Tab


With YouTube monetization of Shorts coming, doing analysis of Shorts is now a high priority.

When running a Search on a Keyword, would like the ability to do one of 3 things:

  1. Collect BOTH regular and Shorts videos on each page (what it does today)
  2. Collect ONLY regular videos (> 60 seconds)
  3. Collect ONLY Shorts videos (<=60 seconds)

This could be a pair of Check boxes for each of Regular Videos, Shorts Videos.  Would suggest it be above the "Contains Subtitles" and "Creative Commons" ones.

Or, it could be a dropdown menu, like the "Sort YouTube Results By" one.  Again, placed just below the Sort dropdown, above the other check boxes, given its relative importance.



Hello!  Please let us know if this is under consideration.  Thanks.

This feature would be very helpful to my research. Thanks!

Yes, good idea. It would be good to be able filter out shorts....or focus on regular videos.

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