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Tube Atlas - views per hour (VPH) feature (request)

Hi, Dave, support team,

The views per hour (velocity) feature would be very welcome for your excellent app, Tube Atlas.

I'm sure you know better than I about the importance of this feature to know if a video is trending at the time of the search (even if a video is older) to detect which videos are achieving the highest VPH.

Are there chances to add this VPH feature?

Thank you,



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Costin I also have Tube Atlas and have been submitting support tickets several times to no avail.

Could you try an experiment please, so that I can see if this problem is resident in the Tube Atlas software/app or if it resides strictly in my computer alone?

If you can set your display to the medium 125% setting, then open Tube Atlas, see if you get a normal window or if the window has text and graphics cut off and only partially displayed.

This would be very helpful if you could try that and let me know what happens.

I have attached a screen shot of where I make this display change (assuming you're using Windows) - basically right click on a blank portion of your desk top, then click on Personalize, then click on Display and make it set to 125%. Then open Tube Atlas.

Mayo Pardo, I checked, and everything is OK with Tube Atlas. No text or graphics is cut off and/or partially displayed. 

I think this is helpful to you, and you'll investigate further. Good luck.

Thank you very much - one other thing might be the operating system and resident graphics card or Intel graphics built onto the motherboard. I am seeing the problem on a system using Windows 7 Pro with Intel graphics on the motherboard. I may have to try Tube Atlas on a more current system.

Hi, let me add that this is as important a criteria as video views and likes.  

Right now need to have subscription to VIQ but this interrupts the research workflow significantly, as this is a manual effort to collect. 

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