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Ali Inspector Problems:

Ali Inspector has several problems and updates that need addressing:


1. The Product History Tool still isn't showing the product sales history, I know there were some changes on Ali Express, but this was a very useful feature. It would be a shame if we could not use it again. I am just looking for awareness and updates on this issue.

2. The Favorites Category Selection Issue. I can't access some of my favorite categories just below the Favorites Window's bottom because when I click on them after scrolling down, the system reverts back and selects the favorites category above where my mouse is located automatically. This is a real issue because it means I cannot access any of my favorites below the favorite's window past the scroll bar use. Please fix this promptly.

3.  The Favorites Category Sortation Issue. I would like a better option to rearrange my Favorites categories other than the order they were created in. Doing it that way keeps everything very disorganized. 

I know there is an alphabetical sortation feature, but it isn't permanent. And this also suffers from a similar issue as issue #2; the categories go back to default organization, and you misclick on the category you want. We should be able to organize the category sortation feature however we like and have it stay that way. I hope this is a feature soon.

4. The Main Scroll Bar Issue. Sometimes the scroll bar doesn't scroll all the way down when using the arrow keys to scroll all the way down. The result is one line of data is hidden from view unless you grab your mouse and pull the scroll bar all the way down. It's a minor issue, but should be fixed for quality.

Possible Updates:

1. We should be able to use our arrow keys, click enter, and interact with data in the spreadsheet like excel does. I would like to be able to use only arrow keys to click a checkbox, navigate through pages, and sort through the data without ever using my mouse. It'd make everything so much faster.

2. Photographs of the product with the data. I would like to s a selection of photographs imported from AliExpress on the side of the data as an option. That way I wouldn't have to open an HTML in edge to view my imported products. I'd save so much screen space that way. 

Thank you for considering this.

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