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how can we change currency in Craft Inspector (Min Price / Max Price) from local to US$?

In Min Price / Max Price boxes under Craft inspector, how can we change it to US$ instead of local currency? 

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Yes I would like to know this as well. I live in Canada and all the prices are in CND dollars.

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Yes I would like to know this as well. Perhaps a solution is to add a new feature to Craft Inspector that would allow me to sign in to my Etsy account, since my Etsy account is configured to use US Currency. My guess is that Craft Inspector is accessing Etsy not logged in, so it defaults to local currency.
Perhaps I could add my Etsy credentials to Web Credentials in Credential Manager in Windows 10 Control Panel, then Craft Inspector could access an encrypted version of my credentials?

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Any response on this? Same here, my shop default is in USD though I live in Philippines. It's such a pain to do conversions every time! 

Got a 2 subscription to NordVPN and it works great and it is the better priced than the others.

Looks like this company is just in for the money. Noticed that most of the problems in the forum go unanswered, the original question was posted a year ago and NONE OF THE SO CALLED SUPPORT HAS ANSWERED THIS. 

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