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Keyword Atlas Crashing After MAC OS Update November 2020

I updated my MAC's OS about a week ago and Keyword Atlas stopped working. It crashes after 10 seconds of opening. It seems like there needs to be an update for the MAC OS update. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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I purchased Craft Inspector (after Mac update to BigSur) and I never able to Install the App.

I asked for a refund and they never give it. I regret I buy app from this vendor.

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Titan, the program has worked great up to the point I updated to BigSur. I am very frustrated with Support because they won't listen to me that the issue is a simple patch for the new update. They are working in an older version of the4 MAC OS and don't see the issue on their end. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Keeps crashing on MAC OS BigSur. Any fix soon?

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Warren, When the new update came out, KeyWord Atlas now works for me.

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