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Errors when download products

When I do product search, both by manually input and with Best Sellers option, I keep getting errors, sometime dozens of them.

Those errors are telling me nothing and I just keep closing them.

Most of the errors are about "Access violation" but some of them about "Out of memory", If i keep closing them it still run and extract the products.

Not only that it's really frustrating to click on each error to close it, and until all errors close the product can't saved as 'csv', If from some reason I accidentally click out side of the error or some other program run in front of Ali Inspector then the error disappear behind the Ali Inspector window and can't be reach any more, then I can't do anything and I have to terminate the program with the "Task manager" and start all over again.

Please find a solution for that, honestly the errors are not telling me anything so i don't see a reason to keep seeing them.


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