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Products are not extracting any more.

When i tried to inspect products in both way, 'Best Sellers' And  with 'Manual Input', It's stop download the products.

At Best Seller option, It's download the pages but when trying to extract more data it show as not extracted And in the Product ID column it show 'sm'.

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For me all columns shows sm

I have the same. + after the search ends, the product page becomes empty.

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I just bought the software, and i have the same problem.

Should I refound my order, or can i expect a solution?

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I don't know what to do, I'm looking for an answer myself. I hope the developer will quickly fix the situation! and so the program is good. but today let me down (((

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Jan Sahbaz Pergar hello, they answered me from the support service, and you?

No answer for me... did you solve it?

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send me your email address, I'll write you there

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Update released in the same day.

Thanks for your work DEVs!

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Hello everyone,

I bought the software now.

I have the same problem.

The best seller list is empty, as attached.

I opened a ticket.

How was your problem solved?

No products were extracted, try again.

This problem is repeated despite following what was explained to solve this problem in the video for solving software problems

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