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Software error

Hi! Thanks for the help

It doesn't show any results, doesn't seem to work. Asks continually for the registration email. Closes itself at the third or fourth try.

It was working perfectly, I didn't change anything and then this.




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Hi Esteban,

is this program real? I would like to buy it, but seems unbelievable to me, that Facebook would allow to find information like those about competition FB pages.

Thank you very much!

Well, yeah, that's the idea, but I seem to have a lot of problems with the program, I just can't use it. And apparently nobody in the company cares ¿? Don't know what else to do.

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Have you opened a ticket?  It seems that all Dave's software is having problems - I bet it's something on the backend.

Hi! Thanks. What do you mean backend? Do you have an example?

By backend, I mean license registration servers on their end - my Ali Inspector, Wish Inspector and all the others are all kicking me out also.  Other users posted the issue.

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