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Poor Support

Please can you do something about your support? I have issue with the Ali Inspector i bought from you. I have only successfully used it to create import file thrice since last year that i bought it. And your tickets take over 48 hours to get reply and the whole thing is slowing down my project. I was thinking of buying Social Page Analyzer but now am discouraged about it.

Working on installing Keyword Atlas on my Windows machine.  Cant get it to properly extract from the Zip File download.  

Request having at least a chat function where your customers can get support right away vs. 24-48 hours.  We are all working on projects and need the help ASAP. Sometimes it takes more than a single email to resolve an issue, extending the time.  


Sheri Dresser

im having the same issue, my screen disappears after a 8 keyword finds.  Need support but no answer.  Thinking of asking for a refund.


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