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Page not found and not extracted


When I make a product search, regardless of the search method, I have "page not found" and the search blocks (image 'Page not found'). If I don't stop it, it turns permanently.

If I stop, I have all the columns with "Not extracted" (image 'not extracted').

There is no data.

Can you please tell me how to fix this.

Thank you

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same here

  • Same here!!!!


same here.There is a problem on this software. I created a ticket on this about 24 hours ago. Still waiting for their response to it. I cannot use this software as it is now.

It is not just with extracting product data, also on the get Product Details feature, it returns no results apart from the keywords. (no product images, nothing)

Hey everyone, sorry for the problems with the software. AliExpress has just made some major changes on their website along with other limitations. I am currently working around the clock on a new version that will be able to download fresh data from AliExpress. I will have a new version uploaded as soon as I can. I am hoping to have it done within the next 2-3 days. 

Thanks for your patience.

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I got a new fixed version uploaded. Simply open the ali inspector 2 software on your computer and you will get the update notification.

thanks again for all your patience

Hey David.  Thanks for all your hard work on this.  


I'm still getting the error - Not extracted.

I did install Inspector 2 and its update on 17 August 2019




same problem. No products extracted, try again. Error keeps popping up no matter what product i search for.

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