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Ali Inspector Not Returning Keyword Search

Ali Inspector does not return search results for any keyword.


7 people have this problem

Yes I have spent 3 hours doing everything the video says to do and more. I hope this program is for real.

I am experiencing the same issue

i have the new version 2, i checked to see if it had that issue. But all seems to be good and working.

I have followed the video and restarted Alinspector several times. I have checked in the built-in browser and everything is fine. 


But in the best sellers and product search, it does not return any products from AliExpress.


I have recently updated to the version Still getting the same dialog.

Habe die Software nun noch einmal neu installiert , aber ich kann keine Produkte suchen.

Bitte um Antwort!!!

Hello, is there any solution for this issue?

Olá pessoal,

Comprei o software agora.

Eu tenho o mesmo problema.

A lista dos mais vendidos está vazia, conforme anexo.

Eu abri um tíquete.

Como o seu problema foi resolvido?

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