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Ali inspector

Ali inspector keep on asking for ali express login..and not working.

13 people have this problem

Pls respond to this.

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Same issue

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Cannot get Aliexpress to work with Ali Inspector

Same here.

Same Here

Same here, any solution?

How can I get Aliinspector 2?

Where to find it?

same here

There is a video on this site. But it doesn't help. I guess no AI 2 for me ...

Best Sellers tab not working and also is asking me to sign in to ali express and wont log in...

NOT WORKIN....i want a refund! where's the support????

ISSUE #2:  Once the software is loaded, I am having a second issue...  There is no place to copy my email or password to, so that I can login to Ali Express & use the Ali Inspector 2 software.  PLEASE resolve this issue so that I can use your software. 

I have those characters instead the categories  


I have been using Ali-Inspector for years with much success, until lately, it just isn't working in the Best Sellers and Product Search.

I have had issues along the way as time went by, and have always had really great support in the past.

I just sent over a support ticket to see what went wrong and how to fix these issues... I'll just be patient and it will all work out in the wash!

All in all, Ali-Inspector has been a really great tool for me and I hope it continues to be!

Thanks in advance for your support David!!!!


I have many other products from Appbreed and all the others are working as they should. I hope this may help some people who are having performance issues.

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