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Accessing the Audience Analyzer

I recently bought the Audience Analyzer tool. I received the receipt email but it doesn't have the link to access the software. I bought while on my mobile phone I no longer have that access page open. Help! Hiw do I download the software?

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how to find out the audience analyzer software link, I forgot the link to be able to download the software, I bought the software

I have the same problem but with wish inspector software. Has your problem been resolved? If so, how long did it take?
Hi Lisa, Yes it was resolved. It took only a day or two. You probably should submit a ticket (if you haven't already). I think that will get you the quickest response. I realized after posting this question here that you can submit a help desk ticket and they responded to it. Hope this helps.

Same here. This is ridiculous 

when I am accessing my Facebook account, the Audience Analyzer Software closes without notice. this happening every and each time I am accessing this software.

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